Outside in: Philadelphia | Delaware River

Outside in_Philadelphia

Photography by: Lucy Gough

Howdy peeps! This week’s Outside In comes to you from Philadelphia. This city is brilliant! It’s gritty, it’s diverse and it’s full of culture.

Philly is a city of firsts. The first hospital in the US, the first international style sky scraper in the US, the first major industrial city in the US AND the first zoo in the US, too.

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RHS Chelsea Flower show madness

Hi All,

I am so sorry for being off air for the last month. My mac died and I haven’t been able to update my website for weeks. It’s amazing how so much of our life relies on computers!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but when we went to the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year we went on ‘sale day’. This basically means that starting at 4pm on the final day people can buy all the flowers and plants on display.

You have no idea. At 4pm someone rang a bell and the crowd ran to buy as much as they could carry. It was hilarious to watch and so very…British! Well dressed people carting around baskets, trolleys, wheelchairs, back packs, wheel barrows, plastic bags- any vessel they could find.

Below are some pictures of the end of the day. They are not the best photographs but show you a little of the madness!


RHS Flower show


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Design Love: Yajibela Waste paper baskets


Styling: Christina Schmidt | Photography: Phil Ashley

Waste Paper Basket by Yajibelena, £49, Available at Skandium

Last week, I met Christina Schmidt, one of the founders of Skandium and she brought my attention to a wonderful project in Burkina Faso started by a woman named Eva Seidenfaden. Here is a little bit about it!

It all started, trying to find a way to help women in Burkina Faso to find a means to make a living for themselves and their families. Their tradition is basket weaving, my passion is basket weaving, says Eva Seidenfaden, the initiator of this brilliant self help project. Eva comes from Denmark. 10 years ago, she visited Burkina Faso, one of the poorest African counties. She made it her mission to help with the knowledge she had, basket weaving, and founded  work groups in Ougadougou the capital and in Banfora the South of the country.

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The Horopito Vintage Car Museum


When we were in NZ earlier this year, we were there at the same time as a tropical cyclone. We were lucky enough to be behind it, but unlucky enough to follow its path of destruction for the rest of our trip. When one follows the path of a tropical storm, one usually bursts a car tyre..as we did.

When we realised that our tyre was blown, we were in the middle of Mt Ruapehu National Park near a tiny petrol station that was trying desperately to hang onto its roof. The kind man who eventually came to our rescue told us that we needed to follow him 20kms to his wreckers yard/car museum in Horopito and that he would meet us there.

As we were driving through the middle of nowhere we came across said car museum and weren’t prepared for just how cool it would be! It turns out it’s the largest (and only) vintage car dismantlers in the whole Australasian region. They sell parts around the world for cars made between the 1920′s-1970′s and also for cars that were built pre-WW1.

It turns out that the Horopito Vintage Car Museum is basically acres and acres of old vehicle carcasses as far as the eye can see.

As they were changing our tyre they told us to take a walk around the ‘path’ they had carved through all the car skeletons and we were totally amazed with what we were to discover! Trees growing out of cars and vehicles piled 10 high were a few of the things we found. I hope you think it’s as interesting as we did!


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